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How to Make Paid App Free Using Lucky Patcher

Google Play Store has a galore of applications but sadly not a lot of them are as effextive as we would want it to be. In fact, majority of the applications that we use for free kind of do only half of the stuff that we need. The applications that we actually need hold on to us with the trap of buying most of the exquisite features that it has to offer. First, you get used to the premium features of the application during the trial period and then, they kind a tell you to buy the application to continue using and in this way, you end up spending your money.

Android Apps free with Lucky Patcher:

But, there is a pretty solid way to prevent you from spending any money with regards to using your favorite games and applications. Lucky Patcher is the answer to this question and believe me when I say, the application works wonderfully. Lucky Patcher is an application that can be effectively used to patch up your favorite application and create a version that will be as per your need. Let us suppose that you want to use an application even after the trail period of the application is over. Well, let me tell you how to do the same using Lucky Patcher.

How to Get Any Android App Free with Lucky Patcher?

Most of the users believe that the applications that have a price tag for them on the play store cannot actually be used without paying for them. Well, as we say it, if you want it, do everything to get it. And in this case, simply use Lucky Patcher to get the application that you want for free. All you got to do is follow the steps that I have mentioned below and you will be done for good.

  1. As it is most of the times, the first step will be to download the application and install it.
  2. Once the installation is done, click on the application and open it.
  3. The application might just take a few seconds to get initialized. Upon complete initialization, the application will provide you with the list of apps that you have installed on your system.
  4. Here in you will have Google Play Store application itself. Now, minimize the lucky Patcher application and open PlayStore and download the paid application that you want to use.
  5. Follow the normal process of buying an application. Once you do it, Lucky Patcher will automatically pop up and all you have to do is click on the button that says get this app for free.
  6. Now simply wait for the application to get downloaded.

Bug and Crash Fix For Long Run Use:

It is bound to face some complications as every app is not supported, when updates are installed. You need to ensure that you are up to date with Lucky Patcher’s android app for free updates too. If you are lagging behind there is a higher chance of problems occurring. Keep coming to our official Lucky Patcher website and get updated APK download files to install Lucky Patcher.


Lucky Patcher has its unique set of exploits that allows it to create a scenario of a fake transaction fooling Play Store to believe that the transaction has actually taken place. What makes this even better is the fact that Lucky Patcher can be used on non rooted device as well, thus in turn catering to a considerably large number of users and doing so effectively.

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